• February 25th, 2021
Daniel Hernández
Daniel Hernández
As Founder and Art Director of The Boycott Times, Daniel blends his passion for art in its rawest form with his desire to share a powerful message through every design he produces. He has worked in fashion and design since the mid-90s. Throughout the years, Daniel has offered his skill and expertise regarding brand and product development, as well as creative direction, to companies around the world. In his home country of Colombia, he has organized festivals highlighting local artists and designers. Shop Boycott Colombia: www.boycottdesign.com

The streets of my home are lined with the blood of my ancestors. The relative calm since the violence has in no way erased the memories of the people who lived in Commune 13 during the 1990s and early 2000s. That is why I launched De La Calle Fest.

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