• October 24th, 2021


The Boycott Times is honored to present the premiere of “Los Santos” (The Saints) music video by 2Jotas, a love letter to Los Santos, a neighborhood on the top of Commune 13 in Medellín, Colombia.

ART: @thegraffmike MUSIC: @2jotas.music

(translated into English)


My condition, my flow, my dog, my gift, my brother, strong diction and what I am, my role, son, all of it is priceless

Conviction of this, my brother, that sculpted me

There is no redeemer, not everyone goes with the tempo of the most hard-hit corner, inappropriate of this bipolar who sleeps with one eye open

It has the mela’o (the flow) that gives and takes away from the baila’o (dance)

My son, here a corner is a temple

Where it happens, there is no pressure (at all)

Worn teeth chewing dreams, giving life to legs that walk and build this story

Children of the neighborhood

We are the eyes, gaze of these streets old wise men walked

No prediction, not here, no

Just the microphone set to “on”

My rap religion set to “on” and the blessing from my mom


No surrender, boy, not here, no

Strong pressure, manifest intent, manifest solutions

In these times of crime we found ourselves: inmates, convicts, squeezed, crushed, we have grown sick and tired of being buried up to our necks in all this shit.

We need no liars

However, this mountain keeps birthing kiddos who assumed and chose to fly between good winds

And let it rumble

The key, the way out of this carnage

From contempt we come for more, we want more

A.K.A The Saints
Here we live the words these lips utter

We live at the edge of a sorrowless war

Here I was born and here I shall die

Leaving traces.

Daniel Hernández
Daniel Hernández
As Founder and Art Director of The Boycott Times, Daniel blends his passion for art in its rawest form with his desire to share a powerful message through every design he produces. He has worked in fashion and design since the mid-90s. Throughout the years, Daniel has offered his skill and expertise regarding brand and product development, as well as creative direction, to companies around the world. In his home country of Colombia, he has organized festivals highlighting local artists and designers. Shop Boycott Colombia: www.boycottdesign.com

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