• June 14th, 2024
Jae Shepherd
Jae Shepherd
Jae Shepherd (they/them) is a 28-year-old Black, queer, non-binary, messy- work-in-progress passionate about the liberation and healing of all Black people, twerkin, and staying hydrated. Jae is the Abolition Organizer at Action St. Louis, a grassroots organization that seeks to build power for Black people in the St. Louis region. In this role, Jae leads the campaign to Close the Workhouse, a hellish jail in St. Louis City. The campaign focuses on closing the jail and reinvesting that money into communities impacted by over-policing and other forms of violence. Jae is also the lead organizer on the new campaign to defund SLMPD.

The only way to prevent the police from taking another Black life in the US is to defund their departments and move towards police abolition.

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