• July 21st, 2024

FRANKCO “MY TIME”: From Franklin County to Hip-Hop Royalty in Saint Louis.

Frankco born Fred Mcgee isn’t your average artist He has a natural born assurance that this is his time.
In the gritty, pulsating heart of South Saint Louis, where the streets come alive with a symphony of stories, there’s a studio that breathes life into dreams—Starrstruck Studios. And at its helm is none other than Frankco, a lyrical heavyweight whose journey from the fringes of Franklin County to the center stage of hip-hop is a tale worthy of the front pages of XXL or The Source’s Unsigned Hype.

Starrstruck Studios: Where Rhymes are Forged and Dreams are Realized

Starrstruck Studios, nestled deep in the heart of South Saint Louis, isn’t just a recording haven; it’s a sacred ground for hip-hop alchemy. Frankco, the wizard behind the console, has turned this modest sanctuary into the breeding ground for bangers. It’s where beats are brewed and rhymes are woven into poetic tapestries.

Frankco, now a proud resident of Saint Louis, isn’t just a rapper; he’s a CEO, an entrepreneur leading the charge under the banner of G4M Entertainment. His studio, Starrstruck, embodies the essence of hip-hop, pulsating with the spirit of the streets and the rhythm of the city.

“Louie Dance”: The Anthem That’s Redefining Hip-Hop

Frankco’s latest sonic missile, “Louie Dance,” isn’t just a track; it’s a sonic revolution. With heavyweights like Fresco Kane, known for his hits with Mariah Carey and Nelly, and the ex-Bad Boy Records phenom, Gorilla Zoe, this ain’t your regular jam. It’s a hip-hop symphony that’s rewriting the game.

Teaming up with Crow Life Records, the St. Louis-based powerhouse, Frankco, and his squad, including visionaries like Fresh, Tef Poe, and Jay Stretch, are orchestrating a musical coup that’s shaking the streets. The single’s dropping tonight, September 15th, 2023, and it’s just a teaser for Frankco’s upcoming debut, “My Time.”

Frankco’s Odyssey: A Hustler’s Tale

From the heartland of Franklin County to the streets of South Saint Louis, Frankco’s story is a testament to hustle and heart. His style, as unique as his journey, has earned him a spot amongst hip-hop royalty. With Starrstruck Studios as the backdrop to his narrative, Frankco is gearing up to etch his name in the annals of hip-hop history.

But that’s not all. The project’s got some heavyweight street credibility, thanks to the music industry veterans at AMP Marketing, who are spearheading the street team efforts. They’re the secret sauce behind Frankco’s imminent takeover.

So, hip-hop heads, brace yourselves for Frankco’s meteoric rise. “Louie Dance” is just the prelude, and “My Time” is set to be the soundtrack of a generation. Frankco isn’t just an artist; he’s a movement, a force to be reckoned with, and he’s turning the streets of South Saint Louis into his personal canvas, painting his lyrical legacy one verse at a time.

Check Frankco out tonight debuting new music from “My Time” at Central Stage in St.Louis via The Apex Lounge performing alongside Emmy Award Winner Frayser Boy, Royal Cheif, Jada Imani, and Virghost.

Starrstruck Studios is located at 302 Hoffmeister ave, Lemay, Missouri @starrstruckstudios – Instagram

Follow @Iamfrankco @crowliferecords – Instagram

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